Full Name
Megan Pulsts
Speaker Bio
Megan Pulsts received her B.A. from Georgia State University, and is a graduate of Emory Law School. She won served on the Pine Lake City Council from 2012-2020. Megan began practice as a juvenile public defender, reporting the most juvenile court trials of any attorney in the state (38) for the year ending June 2013. She managed a Superior Court caseload from 2013-16, and helped establish the county’s Mental Health alternative sentencing court for defendants with persistent chronic mental illness. In June 2016, Megan transitioned to civil practice, and is now a staff attorney with Georgia Legal Services Program, specializing in civil remedies to promote economic independence for survivors of intimate partner violence and other victims of crime. She is interested in Child Abuse Registry cases because of the law’s disparate impact on women and low-income people.